Global Retail Leasing Exec. Author. Podcast Host. Corporate + Motivational Speaker. Muay Thai + Soccer Mom. Yoga Lover + Reiki Baby. Free Spirit.

PrettyGirlsWork.com is a newly defined platform, aiming to provide an avenue for women to envision their own versions of business and financial success while embracing their femininity as an ASSET, owning their self-imposed and self-actualized definitions of “pretty”. I discuss all things that are relevant to the post-modern business woman, from career & finance, to fashion & beauty, to fitness, spirituality, and everything in between. My intention is to solidify PrettyGirlsWork.com as a trusted source for responsible reporting of all things pretty and powerful.

My insight into business, finance, and entrepreneurism has been featured in numerous publications (ex., Sway Magazine, Women s Post) and on Rogers Television as a next-generation thought leader in the fields of real estate, finance, and business as they relate to the 21st century woman.

My dedication to the well-rounded female experience is demonstrated through my keen interest in health, fitness, and spirituality. I am a practicing vegan, and am currently studying Muay Thai, the combat sport from the muay martial arts of Thailand. I regularly curate inspiration and advice from followers of yoga and reiki disciplines.

For more information or general inquiries, please contact me or email me at info@ellemejia.com.