Why Self-Care Is Good Business

For those of you that follow me across my social medial platforms, I shared on my Instagram last night what is actually a rare feeling for me on Sunday nights, although I recognize and appreciate that it’s a feeling that most of my colleagues say they feel going into a new work week.

Mondays are my favourite days. On a normal Sunday, I’ve planned out my week and have any number of initiatives that I’ve been excited about all weekend and am well prepared to execute as soon as everyone hits their office desk on Monday morning. I’m always super stoked, energized, and anxious to get things moving. Not yesterday though. After a few weeks of back up against the wall deadlines and deal pushes, I had absolutely failed at keeping up with the little daily routines I’ve normalized to ensure that I’m taking care of self as well, and I had hit my wall. I was dreading this morning, and I knew it was because I hadn’t done my part in taking care of my whole self leading into Sunday. More importantly, I knew my work would suffer for it today.

For me, self-care isn’t a just a trendy hashtag I use on Instagram posts of smoothies and gym selfies. It’s an integral part of my business model. I can’t operate at 100% if I don’t make sure that every aspect of the woman that I am is thoroughly nurtured and cared for. I can do my best work, for my businesses and for my clients, when I have made sure that I am, before anything else, happy and healthy. So this week, that is my focus. This week, I’m focusing on my self-care practice.

Building your own self-care practice is intensely personal, so in sharing mine, please don’t take this as a “how to” – very little of what I write with regards to how to tie wellness and spirituality into your business goals will be a how to. Rather, this is me sharing my own personal strategy, so that perhaps you can have an idea of how to frame your own.

With time being my greatest limiting factor in approaching my whole wellness, it’s the tiny habits that make the biggest difference for me. For example, I wear an Apple watch most days, and the Activity app on my watch will prompt me a few times a day to stop what I’m doing and focus on my breathing for just one minute. So if I’m able to – even if it’s mid-email – I take the time to just close my eyes, and focus on my breathing.

Beyond these tiny habits, weekly or bi-weekly reiki and massage appointments that are on my calendar alongside work meetings are key for me. Indulgences like the hair and nail salon are important too. And if you’ve never experienced a two hour lash nap, than you haven’t really lived!

What it comes down to is absolving myself of the guilt that comes from focusing on just myself and giving myself permission to prioritize my wellness more so than I prioritize my bank account.

What self-care habits work best for you on days like I’m having today?

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