#ResumeGlowUp: 3 Tips to Revamp Your Resume for a Lit 2018!

2018 is right around the corner! We’re just five days away from a brand new year full of endless possibilities, and if you’re anything like me, no doubt you’ve started thinking about how to make this coming year even bigger and better than the one before.

The New Year can be a major catalyst for positive change or the re-affirmation of our goals, and for many of us, at least one of those goals is going to be about centred on our work and our money! Whether it’s navigating the corporate sphere or being your own boss, taking your career to the next level is a goal that takes planning. Today, let’s plan on giving your resume a 2018 makeover with some quick tips for a #ResumeGlowUp!

  1. Sometimes, all you really need is a fresh, new template!

With the abundance of resume templates available for free online, giving your resume a little face lift might be as simple as giving it a fresh look! So download the prettiest template you can find, and reignite your enthusiasm to get it into the right hands and start your 2018 work flow on the right foot.

If you’re attached to your template or don’t want to switch things up too much, try a pop of colour instead. Make your name stand out with a different colour font, with headings to match throughout the document. Anything to make your resume stand out from the crowd without sacrificing the professional integrity of the document is fair game!

  1. Bullet points > paragraphs.

This is a controversial opinion, I know. But having been on both sides of the resume equation, I can honestly say that by the time I get to resume #10, everyone’s professional profile starts to look the same.

My suggestion is to start your resume off with a “Summary of Qualifications” – bullet points right at the beginning of your resume that tell the reader right off the bat why you’re absolutely perfect for the position they’re hiring for. That way, they’ve got an immediate picture of who you are as a candidate, and can read on for details after you’ve dazzled them with your summary.

  1. Get a good understanding of how keywords can impact your job search.

More and more employers are using recruitment software to skim resumes for industry-specific keywords and filter the ones who hit enough matches into their inbox. That means that even if you’re the best girl for the job, not having those keywords in your resume could have you cut before they’ve even seen what you have to offer. It’s imperative to have a good understanding of how these keywords can impact your job search, positively or negatively.

Use websites like Indeed, Monster, or Glassdoor and do a little research on the role you’re looking to step into. Take note of the words that seem to pop up in these job descriptions, and make sure you use them in your resume. If a designation can be referenced in different ways, use as many as you can without making it cumbersome. (Ex, If you’re licensed with the Toronto Real Estate Board, list it as “Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB)”, that way you’ll hit keywords for the complete term and the acronym.) And if you’re working towards a designation that is required for the job, put that in there too! “MBA expected June 2018” will still hit that MBA keyword and push you through that automated filter even if it’s not yet in your hands.

What other ways are there to revamp your resume for 2018? Share your #ResumeGlowUp tips in the comments!

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