Just Two Girls …

Their tag line says it all:

Just Two Girls … who are the best of friends.
Just Two Girls … who love fashion and pretty things.
Just Two Girls … who had a dream and made it reality.

I had the absolute pleasure of sitting with Maya Delulis, half of the dynamic duo of twin sisters behind one of the Junction’s newest boutiques, “Just Two Girls”.

Twin sisters Maya Delulis and Yasmeen Jalali are the fashionistas behind a boutique that hosts pieces you’re not likely to find anywhere else. This is not a shop for your basic white tees and a standard black dress. As Maya puts it herself, “If you want a white t-shirt, go to the Gap.” Once a piece sells out, there’s no bringing it back, so you’re all but guaranteed to walk out with one of the most unique pieces in the city.




With the growing success of their boutique and their brand, I wanted to get some real insight into the motivation behind Maya and Yasmeen taking the leap from a flourishing online shop to a Toronto brick and mortar. So Maya and I sat at the Just Two Girls bar, where they regularly consult with their fashionista clients, and talked about what pushed them to this next step.

Their motivation is multi-faceted, but the most profound catalyst came through the sudden and tragic loss of their father, who after his cancer diagnosis, was taken from them in just a matter of weeks. It was their desire to bring meaning to this sudden loss, and to pay homage to an experience that taught them the truth in the phrase “tomorrow is never promised”, that prompted them to take what was just a dream and manifest it into a brand and a career rooted in positivity and light. Through Just Two Girls, they’re able to use their talents and their passion to uplift and empower women to be the best version of themselves every single day.

And what is it like to go through this journey with your sister? A little scary at times, but their roles are both distinct and complimentary. They order together, they take pictures together, and they lend different perspectives to the Just Two Girls brand. They have different looks – even different sizes – and skill sets that lend to the success of the shop in its entirety. Yasmeen’s a little more camera shy, but her creative eye is well developed (she even does makeup on film sets!), and at the shop, you’re likely to run into Maya, who’s easy conversation and obvious sense of style leaves you completely confident in her abilities!

I asked Maya what the next steps were – probably premature on my part, as the brick and mortar shop is only 6 months into its residence on Dundas West, but something told me these girls probably already had their eye on their next move, and I was right. Expanding into a bigger store, hosting Girls Nights In, dressing and styling celebrities – there is plenty in store for these two girls, all with the same underlying current and message that permeated everything Maya had to share with me in our conversation:

In life, you have to take chances, and grab onto moments. It takes confidence – confidence in yourself, confidence in your brand, confidence in your look, but we have no regrets. We’re just two girls with a passion and dream that we’ve fulfilled, so if we can do it, anyone can do it.

You can find Just Two Girls on Twitter + Instagram @shopjtg, in The Junction at 3112 Dundas Street West in Toronto, or you can shop online at justtwogirls.ca


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