Journaling for Success in 2017

Anyone who knows me knows that I am equal parts spreadsheets/conference calls and yoga/reiki crystals. It’s this weird thing I do where I could literally not care less about whether or not the labels people need to put on me go well with each other, but I digress. The point is, this post is about to be all things visualization and energy. You’ve been warned. 

A career journal is often discussed as a great way to move forward in your career, and with good reason. It allows you to effectively plan out goals, as well as track your accomplishments, with a tangible record to look back at when you need to pull from what’s worked or determine what’s not working. I find though that for me, a journal of that nature, while helpful, gets me so lost in the day to day details and numbers that I lose sight of the big picture, and that big picture is EVERYTHING for me. It’s why I do what I do! So while a career journal can help me with the details, a vision journal can help me navigate where I want to be, even who I want to be! Sometimes, it even helps me to realize what my unconscious goals are, and to then determine the steps and changes needed to get there.


So how do you keep a vision journal?

It’s as simple as getting a journal that speaks to you, and that’ll be different for every #PrettyGirl. I found a coral notebook online with gold lettering and notebook rings that makes me feel like a goddess on a fantasy mission, but maybe a natural linen floral print journal is more your style.

Next, just start filling the blank pages with any and everything that you collect, from magazine clippings to personal sketches and photographs. Anything that speaks to who you want to be as a career woman is fair game. Photos of the kind of home office you’ll want to design in your million dollar estate, or excerpts of articles in your field that speak to service expansions you hope to create. Explore all aspirations, present and future, in one convenient place!

The only rule here? DREAM BIG! Don’t limit yourself to what you think is “reasonable” or “realistic”. It doesn’t matter in this kind of journal. And when you think about it, it doesn’t matter in life. Continually expand your collection of thoughts and ideas, and make some time every night before you go to bed to thumb through it, seeing clearly where your headed and what type of life you’re meant to live and reflecting on what type of woman you want to be. You might surprise yourself.

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