It’s Not Over Yet! (Making the Last Two Months of 2017 Count)

Is anybody else out there starting to feel the winter blahs around the corner? I don’t know about you PrettyGirls, but once the temperature starts to drop, it takes a concerted effort for me to resist the urge to just hibernate until the Spring.

This year, I’m making a change! We’ve got a full two months left in 2017! Here are some of the ways I plan on making the absolute most of it:

  1. Embrace longer evenings with self-care rituals.

I’m a summer baby, so this is hard for me. I want sunshine, and something about ending a long and productive work day and heading straight to a patio with your girlfriends that just speaks to me! But I’m a Toronto girl, and let’s face it – patio season in November likely isn’t happening without a jet and a passport. So I’m going to make a proactive effort to engage in activities that foster that same feeling with our longer evenings, and I think the way to do that for me is going to be to focus on self-care at home. There are probably about a dozen DIY facial recipes I’ve been meaning to try, and an almond oil, brown sugar and coffee exfoliating scrub that might be perfect for my skin’s transition into these cooler seasons. Whether it’s scheduled or played by ear, I’m filling up my evenings with new ways to take care of me.

  1. Dust off that old New Year’s resolution.

Okay, so I didn’t exactly make 2017 my year to go from meh to Instagram fitness inspirational guru, but that doesn’t mean the entire year is a write off! 60 days left in the year is just enough time to pick up one of the dozen 60 day at home workout DVDs I have collecting dust in a Pottery Barn basket somewhere in my house. So I’m buying some new workout gear (use code ‘PRETTYGIRLSWORK’ at Love Fitness Apparel for your dose of fitness fashion!) and closing out this year with the same drive and motivation I had when it started!


  1. Dive into the holiday season.

I’ll admit it, I can be a Grinch at the first sight of holiday fare on November 1, but this year, I’m jumping right in! I’m talking Christmas carols in the car, holiday shopping, baking gingerbread cookies, the whole nine yards! I’m attending every holiday party I can fit into my calendar, and I’m just going to take the season for what it is – an opportunity to engulf myself in goodwill, positivity and love, surrounded by good food and family. What better way to close off a great year?

  1. Avoid the post-holiday slump with a planned getaway.

The day after Christmas still has me comfortable in my PJs, watching my son play with his gifts while I sip on peppermint tea. Bliss. But December 27 is a let-down. All that anticipation, and it’s all just over?! Pack up the recyclable wrapping paper and call it a year? I’d like to have something to look forward to even after all the madness, so this year, I’m planning a post-Christmas vacay! Nothing crazy – maybe a spa retreat or a three day island adventure. It’s the perfect way to curb that slump and still be back in time to ring in the new year! Poolside cocktails in December? Yes, please! And speaking of the new year …


  1. Get organized for 2018.

If 2018 really is going to be a great year, I should probably start planning for it now. Plus, I’ve got a stack of paperwork I should probably get filed and a closet full of clothes I should probably go through and purge. Mind you, I have a habit of getting lost in the prep work. Seriously. Give me six hours to get a feast together, I’ll probably spend the first four planning out the menu. So I’ve had to make a conscious effort as of late to throw myself into the execution of a plan or a project even before I feel like I’m ready. But if the two months leading into a brand new year aren’t the perfect time to get prepped and organized, then when is?

Maybe 2017 hasn’t been a great year so far. Maybe it’s been everything you dreamed of and more! Whatever the case, it’s not over yet, PrettyGirls! Happy 2017! xx

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