Home Work: 3 Ways to Stay Productive When Working From Home

Whether it’s a couple of days a week under an established corporate banner or a brand new entrepreneurial lifestyle, working from home is the dream for most people. Just think of all the possibilities! You can work from your couch, in your pajamas, all while keeping up with a tedious daytime court TV schedule, am I right? Probably not …

The thing about working from home is that it demands a whole new level of self-discipline and time management, because the conventional set hours of a workplace are no longer dictating how much time you have to spend on any given daily task. But there are a few things you can do daily to make sure you’re making the most out of working from home.

1. Get ready for work.

No matter how tempting it might be to spend the day in that comfy robe, it can prove to be a challenge to get into work mode when you haven’t even gotten out of your oh so fashionable sleep wear. So jump in the shower, brush your hair, and put on real people clothes. Get yourself mentally prepared to get some real work done, even if your morning commute only spans your living room.

2. Maintain a routine.

Decide what that routine is – a 10am start instead of 9am, a 90 minute lunch break instead of 30 – whatever it is that you decide will work best for you, make it stick, and keep yourself accountable to a schedule that makes sense.

3. An old-fashioned to-do list goes a long way.

I have notebooks on in my office, at my house, in my car, and I write down EVERYTHING. Every single task I need to remember to do for the day gets written down, and I cross them out as I go, and I carry over unfinished items into the next day. It might seem tedious, but without those lists, the little things that fall through the cracks could make a big difference in the success of my entire enterprise. The little things matter. Everyone’s smart phone has an app for this, but nothing beats a good old ruled notebook for me.

“The little things that fall through the cracks could make a big difference in the success of my entire enterprise.”


Working from home is a privilege, and comes with it’s fair share of perks. What it’s not is an excuse to accept mediocrity in the way that you carry out your business, because whether it’s a downtown highrise or your kitchen table, #prettygirlswork.

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