Break Out of the Box: 3 Tips to Jumpstart Your Marketing Campaign

It seems like no matter the industry, a pivotal key to success is the efficient marketing of any given brand, project, or product. This is especially true when you’re the proud new business owner of a start-up or small business. The success of that marketing campaign comes down to balancing data and logic with a creative approach that adapts to changing consumer landscapes and demands.

Here are three go-to rules to keep creating those eye-catching campaigns that get potential consumers talking:

1. Just because it’s “always worked” doesn’t mean it’s “always right”.

It can be easy to get caught in a marketing rut when we have ongoing or recurring campaigns that consistently generate a mediocre buzz. It’s the same strategy year after year, but it’s kind of successful, so let’s not fix what’s broken, right? I’ve personally always hated that saying. Why settle for good when you can have great? And why settle for great when you can create EPIC? Don’t be scared to break out of the box and come up with consistently fresh and forward thinking ideas.

2. Sometimes, it takes money to make money.

That’s not to say that with the global reach of social media and a plethora of free mediums to reach your target consumer, you can’t get away with a marketing program that runs with almost no overhead. But consider this: everything you have access to (for free), your competitors also have access to (for free). So while you may not have an unlimited marketing budget to work with, if you’re not willing to invest in yourself when it makes sense, then be prepared to not make dollars. (See what I did there? Make sense? Make cents? Make dollars? I’m hilarious, right?)

3. Don’t get discouraged by “marketer’s block”.

We’re all going to hit a wall sometimes, whether it’s naming a particular promotion or creating an ad concept that doesn’t mirror every concept you’ve come across in your industry. When I hit these walls, I web surf, or magazine surf, or go for a walk through the mall. Even if it’s not necessarily cohesive with your industry (and sometimes, especially because it isn’t), you’ll be sure to come across something that sparks an idea and gets those creative juices running. More than anything, if it’s not coming easily, don’t force it. Take a break, and you’d be surprised how you’ll naturally come to an idea by purposely trying not to think of one.

Getting caught in a marketing rut doesn’t make you a terrible business owner – it makes you human. Taking these steps to rejuvenate a stagnant scheme could pay off big time, and make or break any size business. There are no guarantees for how any idea will be received by a critical audience, so might as well go for the gold and see where we end up, right?

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