5 Ways to Boost Your Workplace Confidence

Whether you're starting out in a new role or you've got a few years under your belt, exuding that aura of self-assured confidence in the workplace can be a feat in and of itself, but an absolutely necessary one if you hope to build a thriving career and reputation for yourself. A little confidence can go a long way.

We're sharing a few confidence-boosting strategies here to get you out of a self-doubt slump or proactively establish your #PrettyGirl bossness in the workplace. 

1. Cross Examine Your Inner-Critic.

There's a nasty little voice in all of our heads that seems hell bent on convincing us we're less than or not enough. Some of us are better at silencing that voice than most, but for many of us, that negative self-talk can be deafening, and seemingly impossible to get rid of. The first step to ridding yourself of that negativity is recognizing it when it happens and analyzing it based on facts, not feelings. Is it a FACT that you can't complete the task at hand? Or is it a FEELING? And even if it is a fact, that only means you can't do it YET - not that you can't. Shift your perspective, and you can shift that negative self-talk to discourse that is positive, productive, and constructive.


2. Distinguish constructive criticism from insults.

Feedback on our performance, particularly when it's not glowing, can be hard to hear and process, and can wreak havoc on our confidence levels. We can often hear what was meant to be constructive as an attack, and that perspective can undermine any efforts we've made at maintaining a self-assured position within the workspace.

Whether the messenger of this negative feedback is sincere or positive in its delivery is not the point at all. The time they take to relay the criticism is, whether or not they know it, an investment in your personal growth + development. That in itself should let you know that you're worth investing in - a definite confidence boost!


3. Celebrate your wins.

Even the little ones. Cleared out an inbox backlog? That's awesome! Checked off the last item on today's to-do list? Amazing! Take the time to celebrate the successes you have every day and let it serve as a powerful reminder of what you are entirely capable of. 

4. Build a better relationship with your boss.

Taking the time to foster a good relationship with your boss gives you the added confidence of knowing you have a valuable ally in your corner - someone who is aware of what you're working on, who is invested in your growth, and who is willing to go to bat for you when necessary.

If you're in a role or taking on tasks that are a little outside of your comfort zone, your boss can also be an invaluable resource you can tap into for your continued growth.

5. Talk about your doubts and concerns.

Believe it or not, everybody has feelings of doubt when it comes to how their performing in any number of areas in their life. While it may not be the best idea to voice those doubts + concerns to people at your workplace, find someone in your life that you can share those experiences with. Find comfort, advice, and ideas in the experiences of others, and avoid mistakes that they've made by learning from their first-hand lessons.

Feeling confident at work can seem like a roller coaster. One day you feel like a superstar, and the next, you can't work the stapler. Whatever methods you engage to beat those blues, understand that the ups + downs are all just a part of the process.

Chin up, #PrettyGirl! You've got this!

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