4 Powerful Ways to End Your Work Day

The last few minutes of a workday can often feel longer than the hours that came before it. The clock seems to start moving in slow motion, and your otherwise impeccably strategized day devolves into a dragging final countdown. 

Working towards high levels of success in the workplace (and in any number of daily tasks) comes from optimizing the time + energy spent - even in those last few moments of work. Here are some ideas of how to finish off a work day in the most powerful and goal-oriented way. 


1. Clear out your inbox.

It's easier sometimes to just shut off the monitor instead of dealing with the tedious or difficult to answer emails we've been putting off all day. Out of sight, out of mind, right? With email likely being the first thing many of us look at upon arrival at the office, making one last push at the end of the day to ensure that you're starting off the next day with a clean slate can be wonders for the attidue with which you tackle the next day. Set yourself up for success.

2. Start your next day's to-do list.

Starting off the next day's to-do list accomplishes two things: it gives you a head start + lets you hit the ground running going into your next work day, and it allows you to symbolically leave those tasks on the altar (or in this case, at your desk). Instead of worrying about what needs to be done the next day, you can ease into your evening + enjoy that often fabled "work-life balance" that seems to be all the rage.

3. Be a social butterfly.

Never underestimate the power of relationship-building in the workplace. The end of the day can be a good time to connect with your colleagues about something other than work. Take a few minutes to engage in conversation that takes you beyond water cooler gossip or the latest meeting gripes. Show your co-workers that you value their daily presence.

4. Formally end your day.

The "don't sleep till your dead" mentality has many of us taking our work home in the evenings, which in reality, only adds to existing stress levels and takes away from relationships + experiences outside of the workplace that are imperative to our personal growth + development. Make a rule to only work from hom in exceptional circumstances. Stay accountable to that rule by physically leaving your work where it's not so easily acceptable.

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